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Making edible, Incredible!

Pastry Chef Robert Gonzalez credits his father, also a pastry chef, with inspiring his career. Some of his earliest memories are of working alongside his dad in Venezuela - his native country, making staple European desserts, and adding unique twists on classic dishes. It was by his farther's side that Gonzalez found his own passion for pastries.

On his arrival to Miami, he wasted no time to turn his passion into his profession, and worked at some of Miami's top restaurants, having firsthand experience from culinary masters like Michael Schwartz, Douglas Rodriguez, Rob Boone, and Mike Sabin, working his way up to become the executive Pastry Chef for Myles Restaurant Group where he oversaw Prime 112, Prime Fish, Prime Italian, and Big Pink; creating the now famous Fried Oreos with French vanilla ice cream, his celebrated Peanut Butter Snickers Pie.

He also participated in many of South Beach Wine & Food Festivals delighting with his creations and At Food Network Show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"

His philosophy remains the same where he uses top high-quality ingredients to revive and reinvent classic desserts, while he keeps a very humble attitude and low profile personality that defines him.

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